Bullmastiff Puppy Care

If you have decided to rescue or buy a Bullmastiff puppy you’re in for a treat. They are wonderful dogs that exhibit great love and respect for their owners and will do everything to protect them. But if you want to have that kind of relationship with your dog you need to take good care of him while he is still a puppy.

First of all you need to make sure that there is nothing in your house, or at least those areas of it that the dog will have access to, that might be dangerous for a small and curious puppy. This includes open pools, electrical cables, items the puppy could swallow and accessible trash cans.

You’ll need to provide a steady diet for your puppy. If you see that he is not too voracious you might give him constant access to food, but it would probably be wiser if you gave him three meals a day, at roughly the same intervals. If you can, prepare the food yourself from raw, natural ingredients, taking care of the dog’s nutritional requirements. If not, aim for the top quality commercial puppy food. If the breeder didn’t already take care of that because of the dog’s age, you’ll need to call the vet and see about getting the dog vaccinated.

Make sure that your puppy spends a lot of time surrounded with amiable people and other dogs, this will make much more friendly and sociable. If this is not done your Bullmastiff might get hostile towards other dogs later in his life. You should also start with the obedience training early on, as a puppy is much more open to adopting new modes of behavior than an adult dog. Finally, Bullmastiffs are very energetic dogs so make sure that your puppy gets a lot of exercise and that you never leave it idle for too long.



Short Hair Bullmastiff Dog Grooming

Bullmastiffs are short haired dogs which means that they don’t require a lot of complex grooming, but they do shed a lot so you might consider brushing your dog’s fur every couple of weeks.

Even though while they are puppies there will really be no need to brush your dog’s coat it would be good if you did so every once in a while, just to get the dog used to being handled by you. He will get used to it much more easily while he is a puppy, and it will make your life much easier. You won’t have a problem making a small puppy be still, it might be much more difficult if you had to try the same with an adult animal that can weigh more than 130 pounds.

When brushing your dog you should use a soft pin brush and downward motions, starting at his hind quarters and moving towards the head. Be gentle, the dog might have small scabs that you wouldn’t want to upset. Brushing him is the perfect opportunity to check for ticks, parasites or skin irritations. Brush your dog as often as the both of you are comfortable with it, if you did it often enough he might even enjoy the massage that comes with it, and while it is not a health imperative for a dog to get brushed often, he will shed less hair in your house.

Sometimes you might want to accompany the brushing with a bath. You can soak the dog completely if you want, but the dry shampoo should usually do the trick. If you do decide to bathe him, just make sure that you have completely rinsed out the shampoo, because no matter how mild it is, if there is any of it left in the dog’s coat it will probably cause skin irritation.

You should also remember to every once in a while check his ears for inflammation and rinse them with antibiotic ear wash. Signs of inflammation are bad odor and redness. If you feel up to it you might also trim his nails, but that is something best left to the professionals.


Get Information About Bull Terrier Puppy Care

Despite what you might have heard, Bull Terriers make wonderful pets and are not just for people who want an aggressive dog. They are generally quite cheerful and docile, but you need to treat them properly while they are young if you want them to behave when they are older.

Homemade Dog Food

First of all, you need to make sure that your house will be safe for a careless and energetic puppy. Have a crate or, even better an exercise pen set up in a room that will be completely risk free, meaning, no cables for the dog to chew on, no plastic bags lying around, or just generally anything that the dog might choke on.

Once you’ve brought the dog home, place him in his crate, this will let him know that the crate is his “home” and that he is safe there. Tell all the members of the family not to disturb him when he is in his crate. At first the puppy will be scarred and confused with the new surrounding that it was placed into, having a place where it can go and get away from everything will do much for his comfort.

Make sure to feed him three meals a day at regular intervals, he is still developing and needs a lot of nutrients if he is to grow up into a healthy dog. Make sure that you have achieved a relationship in which you are respected as the leader of the pack, don’t ever treat your dog badly, but you must let him know that you and the members of your family, are in command.

It is very important that you socialize your Bull Terrier a lot when he is young. It is true that they are very friendly with people, but they can be hostile towards other dogs, especially the ones that intrude on their territory. Their prey drives are quite strong, so they will also often chase and even kill, smaller animals, that is something that you need to be prepared for.

One of most best and important thing is about food. If you give homemade dog food for your puppy than the life of your puppy will be very happier and healthy. If you want to maintain the health of your beloved pet than you need to give homemade food.