Bullmastiff Puppy Care

If you have decided to rescue or buy a Bullmastiff puppy you’re in for a treat. They are wonderful dogs that exhibit great love and respect for their owners and will do everything to protect them. But if you want to have that kind of relationship with your dog you need to take good care of him while he is still a puppy.

First of all you need to make sure that there is nothing in your house, or at least those areas of it that the dog will have access to, that might be dangerous for a small and curious puppy. This includes open pools, electrical cables, items the puppy could swallow and accessible trash cans.

You’ll need to provide a steady diet for your puppy. If you see that he is not too voracious you might give him constant access to food, but it would probably be wiser if you gave him three meals a day, at roughly the same intervals. If you can, prepare the food yourself from raw, natural ingredients, taking care of the dog’s nutritional requirements. If not, aim for the top quality commercial puppy food. If the breeder didn’t already take care of that because of the dog’s age, you’ll need to call the vet and see about getting the dog vaccinated.

Make sure that your puppy spends a lot of time surrounded with amiable people and other dogs, this will make much more friendly and sociable. If this is not done your Bullmastiff might get hostile towards other dogs later in his life. You should also start with the obedience training early on, as a puppy is much more open to adopting new modes of behavior than an adult dog. Finally, Bullmastiffs are very energetic dogs so make sure that your puppy gets a lot of exercise and that you never leave it idle for too long.



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