All About Bull Terrier Puppy Care

Despite what you might have heard, Bull Terriers make wonderful pets and are not just for people who want an aggressive dog. They are generally quite cheerful and docile, but you need to treat them properly while they are young if you want them to behave when they are older.

Homemade Dog Food

First of all, you need to make sure that your house will be safe for a careless and energetic puppy. Have a crate or, even better an exercise pen set up in a room that will be completely risk free, meaning, no cables for the dog to chew on, no plastic bags lying around, or just generally anything that the dog might choke on.

Once you’ve brought the dog home, place him in his crate, this will let him know that the crate is his “home” and that he is safe there. Tell all the members of the family not to disturb him when he is in his crate. At first the puppy will be scarred and confused with the new surrounding that it was placed into, having a place where it can go and get away from everything will do much for his comfort.

Make sure to feed him three meals a day at regular intervals, he is still developing and needs a lot of nutrients if he is to grow up into a healthy dog. Make sure that you have achieved a relationship in which you are respected as the leader of the pack, don’t ever treat your dog badly, but you must let him know that you and the members of your family, are in command.

It is very important that you socialize your Bull Terrier a lot when he is young. It is true that they are very friendly with people, but they can be hostile towards other dogs, especially the ones that intrude on their territory. Their prey drives are quite strong, so they will also often chase and even kill, smaller animals, that is something that you need to be prepared for.

One of most best and important thing is about food. If you give homemade dog food for your puppy than the life of your puppy will be very happier and healthy. If you want to maintain the health of your beloved pet than you need to give homemade food. Homemade food will help your pet to grow fast and live healthy and most active and fast.